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DocCF - School Management Software provides a simple way to manage the internal workings of any educational establishment and facilitate communication between parents, students, teachers and administrators in order to offer statistical information and make it easier to make decisions and better manage the institution.

The app includes all of the modules integrated in one single interface so that it is especially easy to manage each different aspect associated with the institute or school. In addition, it includes multiple functions and tools that allow you to automate administrative, academic, and commercial procedures at the Institute in order to save time and money.

So, the app allows you to improve all steps involved in the internal management process and facilitate coordination between directors, teachers, students and parents using this one, single, complete academic management app.

DocCF is a very useful tool for anyone who has to do the hard work of managing an educational system, as it has enough features to make your life a lot easier.

This version is in Beta with no limits on its use, it only restricts the number of registrations.

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